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I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples

- Mother Teresa



As a mother of 4 children, supporting local families is my top priority. I am dedicated to building new coalitions in our city that will support parents’ choices for healthy, happy families. As your Councilwoman, I will be committed to transparency in decision making and integrity in representing the voices of local residents.

Public Safety

 First responders are the most basic component of a safe and healthy city. As the wife of a Fire Captain, I understand the issues facing our police and firefighters and have witnessed firsthand the impact of record breaking call volume in recent years. I will ensure our law enforcement remains fully funded and that our fire department has the resources needed to continue protecting our city.

Business-Friendly Policies

We have already witnessed a mass exodus of businesses seeking tax relief in other states while those that remain have been crippled by taxes and inflation. I believe in supporting small businesses that keep jobs and tax revenue in Orange. I strongly oppose tax increases and new regulations that will further burden our struggling small businesses.

Prop 13

Prop 13 is a critical protection for the affordability of our homes. Each year, new bills attempt to dismantle Prop 13 by eliminating the two-thirds vote required to approve new per parcel taxes on property. As your Councilwoman, I will defend Prop 13 and its required two-thirds voter approval on all special taxes.

Land Use Decisions

District 6 is a unique area in Orange and residents have fought hard to preserve our way of life. I will represent your interests in future land use decisions as well as defending single family zoning policies in Orange.

Access to Services

It’s important that we support the disenfranchised population in our city by building pathways to access essential services. As a Board Member for the Orange Senior Housing, Inc. I am actively working to provide affordable housing for low-income seniors on a fixed income. I am also a member of Orangewood Foundation’s Business Advisory Council advocating for our youth to access housing, mental health resources, career services, college scholarships, and other important programs for a better future. I want residents of every age to thrive!

Transitioning to a thriving future

Having adopted a child from foster care, Tess understands many of the challenges youth face as they transition from care to independent adulthood. She is passionate about helping youth develop the skills they need to transition to a thriving future!

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