Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Let’s talk about sex, Baby…let’s talk about you and…your spouse!

Well, if you’re married, you definitely have a mutually fulfilling sex life, riiiiight? 🙃

Chances are, one of you is wishing it happened more often while the other would prefer a good night’s sleep. So what’s the solution? Communication and compromise! Have an open discussion about how often you’d like to get busy…this will likely involve someone stepping it up and someone simmering down. Challenge yourself to compromise on the higher end of the scale. 😜

Listen up, guys. Foreplay, or #choreplay as @drlauraberman aptly calls is, begins the moment you wake up. Your wife wants to feel supported and valued and it’s the quickest route to getting what you want! Takeover some of the things on her to-do list for the day and you will free up some extra time in her day for sex! 💏

Women need emotional intimacy to desire physical intimacy. ⬅️ READ THAT AGAIN! Be intentional about connecting emotionally. Discover one another’s love language and put in effort to connect accordingly. 👫

#adulting and #parenting make spontaneous sex nearly impossible. Don’t wait for the perfect moment – create it! So what if it’s not spontaneous…a thoughtfully planned encounter can be so much more special! Be intentional about making time for physical intimacy in your marriage. And start tonight. 😉

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