What do you know about Gen Z? 🧒👦

As the successor to the
millennials, these “digital natives” are described as consummate multitaskers, achievement oriented, and sheltered (Rickes, 2016). One of the most notable effects of this digital age is a stress-induced environment due to increased connectivity, academic demands, a host of extracurricular activities, and athletic competition (Hoffman, 2011).

As parents, we want to give our kids every opportunity to be successful. This is what leads us to club sports and travel teams, private tutors, art and music lessons…you name it, we’ve likely tried it. But in our attempts to “help” them succeed, we are often stifling their success and setting them up for failure.

Children do not have the physical and emotional capacity to manage our high expectations. After all, WE didn’t grow up this way! The result of this stressed out, hyper scheduled culture is a mental health crisis where young people are riddled with anxiety and an inability to regulate their emotions (Knopf, 2016).

Suicide rates in young people have increased 25% in the last 10 years, and Gen Z has the highest rate of anxiety, depression, and suicide in recorded history. WHAT WE ARE DOING ISN’T WORKING.

Millennials are notably big spenders. Millennial parents will spare no expense to give their children a hand UP in life. However, in our attempts to do so, we are destroying our children and making them feel inadequate.

So, how can parents help their children manage this anxiety to lead happy
and successful lives? Give them a break!

– Schedule in some unscheduled time.
– Let them get bored.
– Take away their devices.
– Turn off the TV.
– Go outside!
– Actually spent time with them rather than money.
– Develop their emotional vocabulary to recognize and identify their feelings.
– Find out how THEY want to spend their time.
– Give them chores.
– Teach them kindness and compassion.
– Schedule time to help others by volunteering. Focusing on helping others helps alleviate the burden of perfectionism.

It’s not too late to turn this around, but our time as parents is limited. Be purposeful in your parenting and don’t let the World steal their childhood. It’s too magical. ✨

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